Accelerate AI Software Development.

STACKn provides a highly flexible, cloud-native open toolkit for full-stack data science projects and the entire machine learning lifecycle.


More Data Science, Less Operations

The application covers all stages from data ingestion and transformation, feature extraction, model definition, training, and evaluation, to deployment, inference and monitoring with infrastructure automation on top of Kubernetes.

Continuous Analytics

Support for automating pipelines from data ingestion to model deployment and monitoring

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Workflow orchestration

Automate your workflows to handle tasks such as grid searches or active learning pipelines

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Simple deployment

Run anywhere you can run Kubernetes, hosted on-prem, in the cloud or on your laptop

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Enhance Productivity And Deliver More Value

STACKn offers a resourceful and agile approach to develop, operate and deploy machine learning models in a cost-effective manner by aiding developers and businesses to accelerate innovation, enhance productivity and deliver more value faster.

"STACKn is absolutely essential in our work at the pharmaceutical bioinformatics research group. It allows for rapid experimentation and automation which offloads a lot of the burden associated with machine learning operations."

Ola Spjuth, Principal Investigator

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STACKn is currently in closed beta.
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