Release Notes

STACKn 0.2.0

20 August 2020

  • Introduced ownership for Lab Sessions
  • Asynchronous allocation of Project resources with Celery tasks
  • Added API permission classes
  • Added Cron Jobs under Experiments
  • Introduced Project Activity log
  • Added resource limits for deployments
  • Introduced basic monitoring overview
  • Defined default project structure through

STACKn 0.1.0

20 August 2020

  • Experiments view improvements.
  • Default versioning for models. Configurable by user.
  • Model deployments integrated with Keycloak.
  • CLI reworked. Improving project management and configuration.
  • Add members to projects via UI.
  • Manual scaling of model deployments.
  • Basic monitoring of model deployments.
  • Grafana Loki for managing logs, now installed by default.
  • Several bug fixes.