Enhance Productivity And Deliver More Value

STACKn offers a resourceful and agile approach to develop, operate and deploy machine learning models in a cost-effective manner by aiding developers and businesses to accelerate innovation, enhance productivity and deliver more value faster.


Evolving DevOps for machine learning

STACKn enables individuals and organisations to quickly get started with machine learning and AI practices through our open source end to end solution.

Machine Learning framework agnostic

Supports most machine learning frameworks out of the box and with open APIs support extension for additional frameworks.

End to end workflow orchestration

Automate your workflows to handle tasks such as grid searches or active learning pipelines.

Cloud Infrastructure agnostic

Support for automating pipelines from data ingestion to model deployment and monitoring.


Our flexible and open source solution can easily be customized to integrate existing bespoke tools or 3rd party tool or service providers for maximum extendability.

Turnkey ready

Deploy the stack anywhere you can run Kubernetes. Get started on your laptop or workstation with Minikube or minik8s or run full-scale production systems on Kubernetes or OpenShift.

Templates and examples

Out of the box we provide examples and templates for quickly getting started.

Tools & libraries

Tools and libraries

STACKn is building on top of the best available open source tools and components. It deals with the complexity of integrating open source toolchains for machine learning and DevOps into a full stack data science solution.

STACKn will continue to evolve with the open source DevOps and ML community, and through active development by Scaleout and partners.

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